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Like most people who work making and using slides and presentations on a regular basis, you may find yourself experiencing periods of intense frustration which manifests as a number of more specific physical symptoms (see below). Although these symptoms are often attributed to run-of-the-mill work-related difficulties, in many cases they are actually presentitis.

What is presentitis?

Presentitis (pre-sen-TIE-tis) is a serious slide-related stress disorder that is common among all types of PowerPoint users. It causes a wide range of problems for presenters as well as the people who create and manage their presentations. While presentitis is a common and serious disorder, it is largely preventable and can be cured even after symptoms appear.

What are the symptoms of presentitis?

The first symptom suffers are usually aware of is a profound and chronic state of stress and frustration resulting from disorganized PowerPoint slides and presentations. The second is often an overwhelming urge to sleep during the day due to anxiety and sleeplessness at night. While other symptoms may vary greatly from one sufferer to another, the most common occurring in the majority of sufferers include:

  • Moderate to severe feelings of rage when changes to presentations are lost
  • Lightheadedness and difficulty concentrating due to feeling overworked
  • Loss of appetite or a sudden and uncharacteristic craving for comfort foods
  • Feelings of unease before a presentation is given due to potential version control problems (using the wrong slide file)
  • Sleeplessness due to extended hours spent recreating lost slides or merging versions of presentations
  • Flushing and increased perspiration due to embarrassment when the wrong version of a presentation makes its way to the screen
  • Feelings of isolation; like you are the only person in the world who understands the importance of effective presentation management
  • A dull aching in the cranial region

What is the best treatment for presentitis?

While presentitis is a common and serious disorder,  its treatment and prevention is easy, safe and very effective.

Presentitis, along with the frustration and stress reactions that characterize it, can be completely eradicated by increasing the sufferer’s ability to control and manage the slides and presentations they work with on a daily basis. This can best be accomplished by using an online slide library — the most safe and effective of which is

Years of research and clinical testing have gone into the development of, the only approved cure for presentitis. brings powerful slide and presentation management to every PowerPoint user and presenter in an easy to use cloud-based solution. With, users have reported 100% elimination of the symptoms of presentitis… along with increasing feelings of control and confidence because they always know where the most current versions of their slides and presentations are.

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