Presentitis Self-Assessment

Presentitis Risk Assessment (PRA)

The PRA measures the probability that you will suffer, or already are suffering, significant symptoms of presentitis. Knowing this important information, you can then take the appropriate steps to prevent or treat the condition.

After responding to the questions below, you will be told your PPRSS (Potner Presentitis Risk Scale Score). This score corresponds to four levels of presentitis risk (no risk, mild risk, moderate risk, severe risk) and you will learn which of these categories you fall into.



1.Has your frustration about working on a presentation project ever led you to refer to PowerPoint as… (select all that apply)
2.Do you have several versions of a PowerPoint presentation with files names that resemble any of these? (select all that apply)
3.Have you ever found yourself in any of the following situations while working on an important presentation project? (select all that apply)
4.Which best describes the frequency with which you use PowerPoint?
5.Family history may play a role in presentitis. Which of your relatives have a habit of violent vocal or physical reactions to uncooperative computers or software? (choose all relationships that apply)
6.Which of the following best describes the concept of version control for you?
7.Which of the following best describes who you email presentations to?
8.I know the keyboard shortcut in PowerPoint for the following action. (select all that apply)
9.With which of the following statements do you agree? (select all that apply)
10.When I work from home, my primary method of connecting to the internet is…